Soul-Winning Commitment Day Resources

    Resources & Recommended Use

    Listed below are the resources that are essential in planning your big day. 

    Overview Presentation

    This gives a very simple outline of the basics of Soul-Winning Commitment Day. 


    Implementation Guide

    These booklet gives you everything you need to plan your Soul-Winning Commitment Day. You do not have to use all of the materials recommended in the guide. Only use the ones you feel will best meet your church's needs and your expectations. If you are not going to do your Soul-Winning Commitment Day on October 2, choose a day that best suits your needs. 

    Option #1 

    Option #2 



    Two-Month Planning Calendar

    If you are doing your Soul-Winning Commitment Day on October 2nd, these planning calendars give you each task and the recommended timeline. 

    Planning Calendar. 

    Pastor and Church Member Evaluation Forms

    It is important for pastors to understand the level of evangelistic commitment and participation of the members as well as yourself. By using these simple surveys, you will be able to plan events and activities that will create an effective evangelism program.   

    Evaluation forms 

    Soul-Winning Commitment Day Service

    Your Commitment Day service is very important.  Seek to inspire your church family through music, message and drama, to see themselves as personally on mission to share the love of Christ with others.  Suggested orders of worship ideas, dramas, Sunday school lessons and links to evangelistic sermons are below.  

    Order of worship ideas  

    Sermon ideas 

    Soul-Winning Commitment Day sermons 

    GPS Sermons 

    50 Great Soul-Winning Sermons 


    Sunday School/small group lessons 

    Saved to Share Teaching Guide 

    High Attendance Day option 

    HEART Prayer Skit  

    Sunday School Lessons/Small Group  

    Commitment Card

    The most important part of Soul-Winning Commitment Day is leading your members to make a commitment to get involved in some type of evangelistic activity.  There are several recommendations that you can use.  Determine the type(s) of evangelistic commitment you want to use for your church.  Use the Commitment Card template to design your card. 

    Commitment Card template 

    Promotional Posters

    Promoting your big day is extremely important.  Use the posters below and display throughout your facility.  Make announcements in all services and classes.  Download and display the poster(s) you will use. There are two different styles to choose from.  

    English                 Poster 1    Poster 2  

    Spanish                Poster 1     


    One of the commitments that you can encourage your church members to take is to distribute tracts.  There are many excellent ones that you can use.  The three listed below are available from the North American Mission Board.   

    Eternal Life  

    Your Life, A New Beginning 


    3-1-6 Prayer Cards 

    Evangelism Training

    Without evangelism training, your members may not know how to share the gospel.  Insure that during your Soul-Winning Commitment Day planning, you provide a simple method for sharing Christ.  Ideas for using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, are excellent ways to share Christ.  

    One-Hour Witnessing Workshop 

    One-Hour Video Witnessing Workshop 

    One-Day Witnessing Workshop 

    CROSS Training 

    Social Media 



    A follow-up plan and materials are essential parts of any evangelistic activity.  Make sure that each new Christian receives the necessary follow-up contacts to assure assimilation into the life of your church. 

    Follow-up ideas 

    Beginning Steps 

    Beginning Steps New Christian's Class 

    How to Develop A Visitation Program 

    Personal Commitment Guide 

    Tool for Locating & Cultivating Evangelstic Prospects  

    Other Resources You Can Use

    Evangelism on a Limited Budget 

    Every church, no matter the size can do many types of evangelism that costs little or no money.  This presentation outlines 10 simple evangelistic activities you can do. 

     How to have a baptism celebration service  

    Baptism is one of the most important celebrations of a new believer.  But baptism can be a tremendous opportunity to reach family members and friends.

    How to use a witnessing tract 

    Using a witnessing tract is a very simple way to share Christ.  This document outlines some tips to make its use more effective.

    How to mark your Bible with the Roman’s Road gospel presentation 

    There is no better way to share Christ than to do it directly from the Word of God.  This document outlines the way to highlight texts in the Book of Romans that effectively present the gospel.

    How to develop an Evangelism Response Center in your church 

    Imagine if everyone in your church could share Christ from the privacy of their own homes.  The ERC is one of the greatest processes to train and equip your members in evangelism.   

    GPS 2020.net

    This web site is the central hub of the God’s Plan for Sharing initiative.  There are dozens of resources that can be used as part of Soul-Winning Commitment Day in every area of evangelism.